Over Thirty years ago, not so many days ago, Hurricane Andrew devastated the south Florida area. It was immediately after that my family and I created the Christian Acappella Music Awards, CAMA.
We were members of a small congregation, in Hallandale Beach, Florida, being taught and believing that while true that we were small, but we were serving a Big God.
You see we also had been working with four young men, who were known as the Four Christian Stars, who were making themselves known all over the country. Having started in Florida, now found themselves in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina, then Tennessee, Louisiana and Oklahoma, Illinois , Michigan and California as well as other parts forgotten.
In our travels, we met up with other weekend warriors on the singing battlefield of the Lord. Hard fighting Acappella singing soldiers spreading the Joy of our savior any and everywhere invited.
We would find and work with many of the other greats of that era including, Straight Company , Acappella in their beautiful Shiny Bus, The Melodiares, Timothy Tibbles, Echo, Brett Testerman, Johnnie Wilder Jr. Northside Acappella ensemble, Southside Singers ,The Harmonizers , ASAP, SWCC chorus and so many more, too numerous to mention, but all doing the same thing and that was to spread joy to the people of God and to the people of the world. I know that I missed you or your group, and forgive me, as it’s foreday in the morning and I’m trying to pull these thoughts together. But the Catalyst in this bond of Acappella soldiers was mainly that even though they were all constantly out on the road weekend to weekend, they mostly were not receiving the recognition nor the appreciation they deserved.
This is where CAMA gots its beginning. We saw the need to do a few things here, to simply recognize, appreciate and give honor to whom that honor was do, to invite the world into knowing who we are and why we do what we do in Acappella and to expose the greatest secret of all, the Lords Church, The churches of Christ. I know that even that statement, bring about concerns today, but I’m sharing the history of the institution called CAMA.
This being the 30th year, I already had plans in my head , for it would be my final year and it would be turned over to my son, Zo, who for many years had literally been running things already, but my official transition out and his in. But God has his own set of plans concerning life and have told us this over and over, (look at James account ) and we still don’t always get it. So God had other plans for Zo as he transition to bigger and better things with God.As so many others during these most recent times, Including John Green, Rhynette Chatman, Adrienne Skinner and again, too many to name and even more that we are not aware of.
But now we come to the end of an era, we share that unless the God we serve, decides differently, CAMA as I and my family know it will officially end at this years program. We have Recognized, Appreciated and congratulated hundreds of members, artists and others in the lords church over the past 30 years and failed to touched so many more deserving individuals and groups, to you we say, we thank you and we thank God that he knows about you and your service. We invite you to the 15th biennial production of the Christian Acappella Music Awards, at the Jacksonville Hyatt Waterfront, thanksgiving weekend, November 24 thru 27th. Tickets and hotel rooms are now available as they last. Click Here To Buy Your Tickets Now.


Come to Jacksonville and Bring the Spirit!

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